Collecting evidence for your professional portfolio

There are many ways that you can collect evidence for your professional portfolio and these resources can often be used across multiple standards: 

Allows you to show your interactions and communication with parents, colleagues, administration etc.This can be in the form of:

  • Copies of letters
  • Email transcripts
  • Screen captures of blog entries, forum posts etc

As a participant

  • Copy of PD / workshop flyer or brochure highlighting the sessions you attended
  • Screen capture of webinar / conference details
  • Email confirmation of registration attendance

As a presenter

  • Copy of PD / workshop flyer or conference brochure with your name highlighted
  • Screen capture of webinar, conference details
  • Email correspondence confirming your participation or thanking you for presenting
  • Cards, letters etc of appreciation from committees for your presentation


  • Copies of agendas, minutes etc (with relevant sections highlighted)
  • Emails that show results of meetings, thanks for actions taken, follow-up of actions etc
  • Journal entry of phone conversations

Copies of programs, IEPs, lesson plans, worksheets, website links to lessons etc. Include any evidence of collaborative planning meetings, group work of PD days, presentations at learning area meetings etc.
Copies of emails, brochures, flyers newsletters and web pages on the school website that inform parents about school policies, procedures, programs and activities. Don’t forget any correspondence you have with individual parents and any contributions you make to the school diary or other information products promoting the library.


  • Copies of rubrics, checklists etc with evidence of teacher feedback
  • Student forum and blog posts with teacher feedback
  • Record of moderation meetings
  • Samples of student work that was moderated.
  • Online quiz results (screen captures or printouts of results)
  • Recording of you giving feedback to students as an individual or group.
  • Copies of report entries.


Use these links to get examples of evidence from the AITSL website.
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